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Create Your Own Static Map

It's easy! You won't have to hack some complicated code, but instead drag everything in the right position - your Static Map will update automatically. (Google provides its own Static Map Wizard; I just wanted to have some more markers and stuff ;-) Comments are highly appreciated, please add yours here.


Simply find the location where you want a marker to be added to your static map through the search box and justify it by dragging it around, if necessary. You'll find an additional entry in the markers list besides the (dynamic) map for every search you make. Edit your markers' properties (color, alpha-character and size) or completely remove them.

When you've finished adding markers to the map, hit the big button that says "Create Static Map" and you should see a preview of your map and an URL to embed your brand-new Static Map on your website. Please remember to insert your own API key! Thanks. (Need an API key? Get one here.)

The Static Maps Creator





  • size: x width x height in px maximum of 512x512 !
  • type:
  • format: format of the resulting image

Your Static Map

Use the creator above to create a Static Map.