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[Solved] PDF995: Document in queue, Word is crashing

pdf995 printerI just ran into a problem with the free PDF creator pdf995 which I frequently use to create PDF documents from Microsoft Word. An annoying (and not at all helpful) error message kept telling me that a differently named file was stuck in the printer queue, pdf995 refused to create the PDF document and Word was crashing every time.

After a bit of searching, the solution appeared to be to re-install pdf995 and reboot. Lazy as I am, I took a glance into the directory pdf995 is installed in (in my case C:\Program Files (x86)\pdf995), and in res\pdf995.ini, and found it to look like this:

Use GPL Ghostcript=1
User File=C:\Users\Jan\Documents\Previously_converted_file_which_was_mentioned_in_the_error_message.pdf
Document Name=Previously_converted_file_which_was_mentioned_in_the_error_message.docx
Initial Dir=C:\Users\Jan\Documents\

I just deleted the values in the last four lines, leaving the complete file contents to be:

Use GPL Ghostcript=1
User File=
Document Name=
Initial Dir=

And: Issue solved. I could convert my document again, yay! Hope this helps if your documents get stuck in the pdf995 printer queue, too. Let me know in the comments if it did!

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